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Brent Rowan named as Final Nominee for
CMA Musician of the Year Award

NASHVILLE, Tenn., August 1, 2000:
To be acknowledged by the people who know your work the best is an extreme honor," said studio guitar wizard/solo artist Brent Rowan, who was named today as a final nominee for the prestigious CMA Musician of the Year Award. "To be one of five of anything in an industry comprised of excellence is truly humbling," Rowan said.

Guitar wizard Brent Rowan, a final nominee for the prestigious CMA Musician of the Year Award, will perform live at Nashville's Tower Records Opry Mills location on Sunday, August 27, 2000, at 4:00 p.m., and again at Tower's West End store on Sunday, September 10, at 3:00 p.m. Both shows are free.

Rowan will present songs from his debut CD Bare Essentials, which is among the top ten selling albums by local artists in the Tower stores. A collection of 14 songs composed and performed sans lyrics on fingerstyle guitar, the critically acclaimed CD was released in May on RoWest Records. In addition to songs from the album, Rowan will present other originals and share personal experiences and anecdotes collected over a 20-year period of making records in Nashville.

Since arriving in Nashville in the late '70s, Rowan has played on more that 10,000 recording sessions. Collectively, these sessions represent the origins of records that have sold in excess of 100,000,000 copies. Included are Rowan's recordings with leading country and pop artists such as George Strait, Shania Twain, Sting, Brian Wilson, Randy Travis, Neil Diamond, Olivia Newton-John, Lynyrd Skynyrd, and Alabama.

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