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Brent Rowan : Media Advisory

NOTE: This Media Advisory is quite out-of-date at this time. We are working to update this section of the website.

Brent Rowan, perhaps the most trusted and prolific session guitarist in Nashville, has spent the last 20 years working to interpret the lyrics of singers and songwriters. Adept in a diverse range of styles and genres and with a deliberately "unrecognizable" personal style, Rowan consistently contributes to the making of hit records by creating guitar sounds custom-designed for each artist and each record.

Since arriving in Nashville in the late 70s, he has played on more than 10,000 recording sessions. Collectively, these sessions represent the origins of records that have sold in excess of 100 million copies. Included are Rowan's recordings with leading country and pop artists such as George Strait, Shania Twain, Sting, Brian Wilson, Randy Travis, Neil Diamond, Olivia Newton-John, Lynyrd Skynyrd, and Alabama.

Musician / Producer

Now, for Bare Essentials, his solo recording debut, Rowan has composed a 14-song collection of personally distilled meditations presented sans lyrics on fingerstyle guitar. Because he is the lone instrumentalist, the collection is of particular interest to guitarists.

Recorded at Nashville's Imagine Sound Studio for RoWest Records, Bare Essentials ($19.98) was released on May 9, 2000. It is available toll-free at 1-877-693-7848 or Online - CLICK HERE TO ORDER - (major credit cards accepted).

Co-produced by Rowan and Steve Hennig, Rowan's music scintillates, cascades, dances and breathes as it evokes images of a world of mountain majesty, children's waltzes, border culture, cowboy values, noble horses, and forest songs. Inspired by the guitarists' love for his instrument and his "old soul" connection to the natural environment, particularly the landscapes around Steamboat Springs, Colorado, the music has evolved from the improvisational tone poems that Rowan has long played for his young son. "This album is who I am," he says.

Bare Essentials was mixed by Chuck Ainlay (Mark Knopfler, James Taylor) at Soundstage Studios and mastered at Georgetown Masters, both in Nashville. A feast for audiophiles, Bare Essentials' deluxe packaging is also a multi-course repast for the eyes. The disc is bound in a 5 x 5 volume with a heavy, book-weight cover, which is illustrated with a close-up image of Rowan's c1937 Gibson L-5 guitar case. The inside front and back covers illustrate the plush interior of the case.

The title page of the 20-page booklet is an image of the spruce and abalone inlay and other details of the Dillon guitar heard on the record. The booklet includes personal photos and color images of the landscapes that have inspired Rowan's music. Entries for each song include his comments about its origins and inspiration, as well as notations about the particular instrument, the tuning, the kind of strings used, and other details of special interest to guitarists.

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