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Thank you all for your patience! We have finally launched the new Brent Rowan website! In the coming weeks and months we will continue to add content and features to this website. We welcome your comments and thoughts.

Brent Rowan & The Webmaster

Welcome to Brent Rowan Online

In a world with an abundance of sound and a lack of silence, it was my desire to make a recording that walks the line between


Time has taught me that in most instances the more people talk, the less they have to say, and the less people tend to listen

This, I believe, is also true in music.

The timeless music I seem to be drawn to is made up of beautiful, simple melodies that are full of space. More than ever it is my belief that the right choice and placement of notes and melodies communicate more emotion, soul and feelings than an endless supply of amazing technique. In this collection of simplicity, I hope you experience the peace, relaxation and journey of imagination the music attempts to express.

May your day be filled with a little more purity, serenity, and calmness after listening to Bare Essentials.